Letter to Editor: What is happening at Lister House?

Health / Mon 17th Jun 2019 am30 07:23am

Dear Editor,

May I suggest you investigate the difficulty of getting appointments at Lister House Surgery, despite it being a new purpose built building aimed at providing advanced services to Great Parndon residents.

When you phone for an appointment you are regularly 20 something in the queue and it takes about an hour to get through. When you get through you are frequently told no appointments are available to be booked. Not just this week, next week, or even the week after, but simply no appointments are available. OK if you push you will be given an emergency appointment but what about those you do not object?

Even if you go on-line and try to book an appointment it says no appointments available.

Yesterday my partner and her daughter had smear tests booked. They were cancelled by the Surgery for the 2nd time as they had no smear test kits available. Again not only were they cancelled there was no appointments available to book.

What is going on there?

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2019-07-19 17:59:29

I couldn't agree more about the deteriorating service at Lister House Surgery. It is a disgrace. Even if you physically present yourself at the surgery instead of waiting for an hour for a receptionist to answer your phone call, you can wait in a queue for up to an hour with only one receptionist available and the queue going out the door. Rarely are appointments available online for the upcoming 6 weeks. The online system does not allow communication with the service. This really is pathetic! Can anyone in authority please answer the question - what is going on?! Do our representatives care about us at all because if they do they really should be addressing this dreadful state of affairs.

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