Boris Johnson meets Harlow apprentice in House of Commons

News / Mon 8th Jul 2019 pm31 12:52pm

FOLLOWING Boris Johnson’s article on key apprenticeship measures, the Tory Leadership candidate met with Harlow MP’s sixth Parliamentary Apprentice, Dan Swords, in Westminster today.

Writing in his column for The Telegraph, Boris described apprenticeships as “indispensable” and made a commitment that, if elected, he will “properly fund all manner of technical and vocational education – from FE colleges to apprenticeships”.

Rob said: “It’s brilliant that Boris has announced £4.6 billion extra for schools and colleges and, today, he expands on that with apprenticeships, saying they are the best route for young people.

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8 Comments for Boris Johnson meets Harlow apprentice in House of Commons:

2019-07-08 13:05:32

So, who does R H support in the coming election for PM ? Told you so !

2019-07-08 20:02:41

No, it still doesn't explicitly say that Robert Halfon is supporting Boris The Clown. " £4.6 billion extra for schools and colleges" From the Independant in January 2019: Education spending slashed by £7bn since 2011 with children ‘paying price for austerity’. Analysis by the House of Commons Library found that real-terms spending on schools and colleges had slumped from £95.5bn in 2011/12 to £87.8bn last year, a total fall of £7.7bn. So, Boris The Clown's magic money tree can give back just over half what was taken due to Tory cuts.

2019-07-09 06:05:28

Tory cuts indeed, nothing to do with the crippling debts left to them by Bliar and Brown, not forgetting PFI, and, oh ! a rather expensive war based on Bliars super lies in support of, dubbya !

2019-07-09 14:59:14

kt, last week,in yourharlow, was a tweet, from R H, specifically stating that he's supporting Boris in his efforts to become PM. Check out to-days Corbynski slot, he now thinks that remain is the answer to everything. I can envisage a decimated party of wound licking Marxists within the coming months, not forgetting the racist group too.

2019-07-09 20:35:21

Hi Micky Thanks once more. You really are on a roll this evening. Your Gordon Brown comment led me to a wiki page that shows during Brown's Chancellorship, he reduced the basic tax payer rate from 23% to 20%. This helped most people in full time work. Compare this to BoJo The Clown's pledge to reduce the tax paid only for the top 10% of earners. Brown raised taxes in other ways which may have targeted higher earners more than lower earners. BoJo The Clown wants to raise National Insurance payments which will affect lower paid earners as well. As for spending, during Brown's Chancellorship ther was a major expansion of government spending, particularly on health and education. Which was benifical to the whole of society, not just the top 10% earners targeted by The Clown In Waiting. Thanks Micky for your help, I would never had bothered to find the wiki page without your comment. Well done.

2019-07-10 05:40:28

Seeing as you're so keen on trawling for everything, give us the figures on PFI and the Gulf War, please.

2019-07-11 05:45:49

Yet again, the Socialists are up to their eye-brows in a racist agenda, but still accusing Boris of the same, how warped can Corbyns gang become ?

2019-07-11 14:04:29

Once again the lying,deceitful Lefties trying to deny the accusations levelled against them, have been well and truly shown up on this mornings TV news. Right to the top of the tree, racism is embedded in the party all the way up to Corbyn and his hench-men. Even the Grauniad journalists were blushing with embarrassment at the revelations, add to that the news that the TUC and Len gave Corbyn instructions how the manifesto should read, or, " do as we say ". You couldn't make it up, but they can.

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