Minecraft author visits Roydon Primary

MENTION Minecraft and you’re halfway there to capturing children’s attention.

Performing humorous poems about a granny’s trials and tribulations learning the popular computer game and children are learning about literacy without realising it.

That was the mission of children’s author Terry Willis when she visited Roydon Primary Academy, in Roydon.

The writer of A Book of Poems About Minecraft and The Tale of Rusty The Squirrel captivated her audience when she performed her work, quizzing pupils on their understanding and knowledge along the way.

The former teacher, who invited pupils to stand and read with her, said: “I want the children to like and buy my books. Ideally, I want my books to be available in every school.

“As a teacher, I plan what I am going to do like a literacy lesson. It’s always great to get the response I hoped for. A child standing up and reading with me is not easy; that is quite something for them to do.

“I believe in the value of poetry and, in particular, performance poetry as it gives children a voice. I do not believe we have a right to bore children into submission; we have to engage them and make it interesting enough that they want to respond and engage.

“The children have been lovely; very responsive and keen to participate. It was a pleasure to be with them.”

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