Church Langley petition sparks heated exchanges in council chamber

News / Fri 12th Jul 2019 pm31 12:42pm

A CHURCH Langley community campaigner brought a petition to Harlow Council looking for close to £250,000 to be released in order to clean up the estate.

Nicola Purse has fought a dogged and determined campaign to have funds released.

The petition reads.
“We demand the Council releases half (£215,000) of the Church Langley Environmental Fund now to carry out the one-off works to improve the appearance, safety and sustainability of our estate (especially regarding improvements to walkways and alleyways) in accordance with the purposes of the funds and the research undertaken over the past 18 months by residents, councillors and officers, and that the remaining £215,000 is released over the next 15 years. These works will reduce the cost of landscape maintenance and thereby reduce the cost to our Council Tax bills, similar to the removal of bushes at junctions carried out a decade ago. No money has been spent over the last decade so there is clearly a lot of catching up to do.”

However, matters became complicated when Church Langley councillor, Simon Carter (Cons) sought to add a number of proposals, including a working group, to the petition. That’s when matters got heated.

A thirty minute film of proceedings is below.

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2019-07-14 19:55:59

The council's is treating the residents of Church Langley with utter contempt. Their response is that CL residents will have what we tell them and how we decide to spend their money. CL councillors have asked for details of the spending proposals and a copy of the 1987 deal. The clock is ticking.

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