Early Years pupils at Cooks Spinney headline ‘Glastonbabies’.

Tiny musicians have been taking part in their own weekly festivals of sound.

EARLY Years pupils at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy, in Harlow, are taking part in Glastonbabies, a music festival for young children.

Each week, the Nursery and Reception children are taking part in the free project as part of the school’s music curriculum.

Headteacher Neil Stirrat said: “Music is a specialist subject, so it is great to have the experts from Glastonbabies come in and make it really accessible for very young children.

Year 4, for example, are learning to play the recorder in class, but that kind of lesson doesn’t work for the younger ones. Instead, they are learning about volume and tempo. They are learning that without them even realising it, by drumming along in time to a rhythm.”

Teachers at the school are going to receive training on how best to teach music to their classes.

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