Harlow Council leader defends decision to hand back £3 million Right To Buy receipts

News / Fri 19th Jul 2019 am31 08:45am

THE LEADER of Harlow Council has defended their decision to hand back £3 million Right-to-Buy receipts back to the government.

Councillor Mark Ingall was responding to a question from fellow Labour councillor, Chris Vince.

Reference to “handing back £3 million” was referred to by the Conservative councillors last week.

A week later, the Labour run council took the opportunity to set the record straight and laid the blame squarely with the government.

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15 Comments for Harlow Council leader defends decision to hand back £3 million Right To Buy receipts:

2019-07-19 09:27:03

And that is why the right to buy should be stopped like in Scotland and Wales. I understand that will happen in England if the Labour party is elected at the next General Election.

2019-07-19 11:25:38

So there you have it folks. The commissars in the town hall, do not want you to buy your own home, or get on the ladder. Remember them when voting in future. Nothing short of a dictatorial, communistic approach.

2019-07-19 13:13:28

MickyB77 have you ever thought of writing a book called, "Bullshit and spelling advanced" limited edition. It would appear on every Conservative' bookshelf to remind themselves how not to do it. Included perhaps an extra chapter on nonsense and insults taken from your comments on this platform. Your recent comment is perfect material because this town and this country has a housing problem: Why do you think that is MickyB77? Is it because of all those lefties who you like to insult with your BS? Or those nice Tories who proudly state they have been in power for decades longer?

2019-07-19 14:22:10

Brilliant. best reply this year. The great Gary rides again.

2019-07-19 16:46:23

Who wrecked our economy, Bliar and Brown, and we're still paying for it. The multi billion pound Gulf war. That's the difference between me, and the commies, or if you prefer Momentum, I tell the truth, which is an abomination to the Lefties. So, as usual they resort to insults, so beloved of dur. Labour breeds POVERTY and you'll never change that. As usual, only the opinion of these lefty bullies is supposed to count, but when the votes are counted, come the election, they are going to be history, the worst opposition in memory.

2019-07-19 17:31:28

Lefty bullies? Who are they MickyB77? Insults? Labour breeds poverty? Have you looked out of your window lately? If not lets start with rough sleeping in the town and major towns and cities across the country or foodbank use for those in work or fuel poverty or increasing crime levels...... And so it goes on and on sadly.

2019-07-19 18:26:26

Bla bla bla.. Labour/ Tory / bickering once again none of you fit to govern.. sort your own parties out and then it may be worth listening to you. Till then spare us from this hypocritical point scoring drivel you continue to subject us to on here..... that is all...

2019-07-19 19:39:43

Gary, you really are a non-sense. The most important people in our country are the people who pay the taxes. Or, are you one who doesn't ?

2019-07-19 19:53:08

Hi Gary Micky's litany of ad hominem attacks, ill informed "facts", and limited discussion skills would barely fill a pocked sized pamphlet. You are being far too generious to suggest he could manage to write a book on any subject. Even a limited edition. "Labour breeds POVERTY" - the level of "poverty" (it depends on what measure of poverty is used) is roughly the same since the start of the last labour government to now. What has changed significantly is the level of in-work poverty. This has increased under the Conservative governments (there are graphs easy to find to support this statement). Therefore, in the 9 years of Conservative government, little has been done for those who need support the most. There was a time when being in work was a certain route out of poverty. Thanks to 9 years of Tory government that is no longer the case. To quote Mickey himself - "Remember them when voting in future."

2019-07-20 05:24:01

MickyB77 your BS keeps running just like the real stuff, sadly. That book idea is growing with more BS by the word. Personal insults is your only defence against fact and until you learn to stop the former and deliver the latter your contributions will always be treated with contempt.

2019-07-20 05:51:50

Desperation from the Momentumites. Truth really does get to them. Remember when the elections come around. Gary has the audacity to mention facts, that's rich coming from the lefty. Most of them are so twisted, I bet they can't lay in bed straight. All the garbage is because Ingall, on instructions from his master,Corbynski, has decided that first time buyers will not have any assistance from the Socialists. How disgraceful. Under Maggie Thatcher, thousands of Essex families bought their own houses , and prospered.

2019-07-20 10:35:26

Bla bla bla and so it goes on.... feeling better boys? I’m the meantime the country isn’t going down the pan.. great work ....

2019-07-22 14:37:07

Well lets get back to the issue in question. The simple fact is that The CONSERVATIVE Party and it's Government have placed a straight jacket on Council's which Cllr Ingall is quite right to highlight, the policy referred to is just one of many failings, which means that at the end of 2018/19 Harlow Council owns less homes than it did at the start (homes sold outnumber those built). Tenants have the Right To Buy after taking up occupation of a home after just two years (the home cannot be sold for less than the cost to build it however). The LABOUR Party in Harlow continue to insist that it builds houses (such as at Bushey Croft), when if it built bungalows where some sort of care package is provided (previously known as warden assisted), such homes cannot be bought by a tenant and so will always remain Council owned. Tenants in homes to large for their needs could relinquish their homes, thus freeing them up for families on the Council's Housing Register. A check would reveal that a site which could have 10 homes on it could have 9 bungalows, a small price to pay in terms of land use but cheaper to build in terms of pounds and pence. The Harlow Alliance Party are the only Party who advocate such a policy ..... making best use of existing housing stock.

2019-07-22 16:20:18

Talking of housing stock, how many councillors have bought property on the right to buy concession ? People that I know, who live in three bed-room properties, council owned, have asked for several years to be re-housed in a bungalow, and give up their house for family use, even to move out of town. Most are retired. What's our leaders answer to that ? Don't keep shifting blame from left to right, sort the damned problem out. Cradle to the grave, 'aint working, is it ? Has the council ever carried out a local survey as to changes that could be willingly made in this direction ?

2019-07-27 03:53:10

You arrogant idiots Harlow deserves better .. and believe me better is out there .. don’t let these bickering buffoons dictate your future.. times are changing thank goodness ..

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