Harlow’s Brexit Party candidate reveals why he is standing to be MP

A FEW week ago, The Brexit Party unveiled their candidate to fight the constituency of Harlow and the Villages at the next General Election.

YH caught up with Neil Greaves in the town centre to find out a little bit more about who he is and why he is standing.

This is very much an introductory interview and we will be quizzing Mr Greaves further.

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11 Responses to "Harlow’s Brexit Party candidate reveals why he is standing to be MP"

  1. jhumphreys84   August 14, 2019 at 10:54 am

    Ok, couple of points from me…

    Foreign aid – let’s get real on this. In terms of aid, it is a) a good thing to do, but, more importantly b) it helps with international trade and investment deals so actually the return on investment for Foreign Aid is actually beneficial. One estimate i saw showed that for every £1 spent we get £0.22 back directly on trade and exports, resulting in over 12,000 jobs. That’s just the aid money that’s used for trade benefits (less than 15% of aid money is humanitarian aid by the way), the money also gets used for education etc and other areas which allows the UK to have favourable trade deals with a number of countries and be in good standing. This return on investment dwarfs the original £0.22 direct benefit as an indirect benefit. So either you actively want to cut the UK benefit and ROI or you don’t actually understand Foreign Aid and international Development and would like to use it as a sound-bite for people already hating things like the EU.

    HS2 – right yeah ok, i see how it doesn’t help Harlow so much, but you won’t claw back £100b, a good chunk of it is already committed. Nor will anything clawed back go to Harlow

    Extension of Central line – look, sounds good, like the idea. However, Northern line extension to Battersea, which is a bit shorter and an easier route will cost just shy of £600m. Fair to say this’ll cost something similar if not more for here. Where is this coming from exactly and why?

    This doesn’t sound like well thought out policy to me and now i’m even more confused about what the Brexit party are. Firstly we may not even be in the EU by Oct 31st so not sure what their point is. They could actually stop the party in power from achieving this, which is their number one goal. On the other issues raised in here, by most estimates we’ll be in recession after Brexit and the policies highlighted above will require a huge public investment to keep the economy going. That means two things, either more national debt/borrowing or an increase in taxes. Put that to the people, i don’t think it’ll go down well with the core supporters. Also don’t wave the we won’t be paying it to the EU card, that’s already been swallowed by NHS apparently and we can’t even raise those funds in first place if we can’t trade and economy recedes.

    Genuinely cannot wait to hear what’s going to be said on healthcare, education, transport etc to see if these guys actually know anything about it, or if it’s going to be more ill thought popularist nonsense just to win some votes…

  2. kthe5   August 14, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    At about 2:44 – Question – [words to the effect of] Why has the EU been bad for Harlow?
    Answer – [paraphrased] Voted to leave, not implented, Brexit! Brexit! Scrap HS2!
    A good example of how a question is not answered. Perhaps the interviewer should have pressed the point. What would Paxman have done?

    Also, shock horror, he wasn’t a banker! No really, he didn’t lend money so really not a banker at all! Some sort of trader, with no customers and no investers. Didn’t quite get what he said but I don’t think he said he was a “Quantitative Trader” as per his linkedin profile. Why this discrepency in his job title?

  3. jhumphreys84   August 15, 2019 at 9:29 am

    I’d have preferred it if he was a banker, at least he might understand some basic economic policy and how to implement it

  4. durcant   August 15, 2019 at 2:21 pm

    Let’s be a little kind as I suspect this was his first formal interview and he was only mentioning aspirations.
    It’s never easy putting yourself up to represent a party or a policy.

  5. Draconis   August 15, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    He gives good arguments against the Conservative party but not arguments against the EU.
    The interviewer even calls him on it, “We’ll go back to other issues later but you’re the Brexit Party candidate so can we talk about Brexit?”
    And his response? HS2. What?

    He’s nothing but a bag of hot air.

  6. jhumphreys84   August 16, 2019 at 8:06 am

    Durcant, I do get your point about him being new to this. However, if you are going to stand for public office and speak about issues to the general public on camera then it is probably best that you either know what you’re talking about, research your position and be prepared to defend it and know exactly what the party you represent stands for.

    I know it gives the default position where politicians answer the question then link to what they really want to say, but it works and you don’t get caught out flapping around in issues you don’t understand. And sometimes it’s ok to say we don’t have a position on it rather than fudge it or just say everything the opposition do is bad, yet we don’t have any idea of what good looks like or how to do it.

  7. durcant   August 16, 2019 at 12:50 pm

    Firstly can I confirm am not defending his policy or position but as someone with some experience I can understand why he made the responses he did.
    Like everyone who is selected to stand for public office you have to accept the highs and lows of office.
    This man isn’t being paid to be the candidate and may well have never held a public office position before.
    His briefing may have been not that great but let’s knock the politic not the person.
    Too many people are put off from taking these important positions due to negative attitudes.
    Whilst I really hope his politics are a complete failure i do give him credit for standing if only for a very short period of time.

  8. jhumphreys84   August 16, 2019 at 3:05 pm

    Durcant, completely agree with you on that point, and believe me i am knocking the policies rather than the person. However, if i got a briefing which was utter cack, and then got asked to stand in front of a journalist without a real good grasp of what i was talking about…i wouldn’t do it, and ask to do it another time. Equally, right nwo there’s no general election so why do it. In this game personal reputation is king, and yes saying some popular stuff gets you votes. But if you can’t deliver on a wide range of policies and understand some basic principles of the countries economics, then you shouldn’t talk about it. Attacking foreign aid and HS2 are very easy to do and sound good, but if you don’t have the understanding of the economics behind it and go on a rant, you just make yourself look foolish when it’s fundamentally wrong. If it’s an opinion then fair enough, but to want to redistribute funds that don’t exist, well that’s a broken promise waiting to happen. I hope that this is a wakening for him that he really needs to up his game if he’s serious about being an MP and hence why i’ve stated i’m looking forward to hearing things on policies such as health, transport etc etc which affect the people of Harlow daily. If they are not properly thought out and his position isn’t clear, he’s finished and should quite frankly have known better

  9. durcant   August 16, 2019 at 4:51 pm

    We may be at a point of agreement.

  10. kthe5   August 16, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    Hi durcant
    “Let’s be a little kind as I suspect this was his first formal interview and he was only mentioning aspirations.”
    No. This person is putting himself forward to represent all the people of Harlow for parliament. He is now a public figure. As such everything he says and does needs to be examined carefully.
    In order to asertain if he is suitable for such a position, all his views, actions, etc need to be examined. He needs to be able to represent all the people of Harlow.
    There’s a lot I would disagree with Robert Halfon but he makes a good effort at representing all the people of Harlow. I think exactly the same of the Labour candidate. I’m open to see who the Lib Dems and Greens offer up, but now we see the first glance of what the Brexit party has to offer.
    It appears to me that he avoids a direct question by the interviewer. Not un-typical for any politician, I know. Did he avoid it because it was unexpected question? Or does he simply not know the answer?
    He also appears to be inconclusive about a simple thing, his job title. Is this deception or incompetence? Neither is good.
    I’ve only whatched thew video once, I expect there is more I missed.

    Will this person represent all the people of Harlow? Or will he just represent the 68% who voted leave? I don’t remember being told during the leadup to the second referendum that if you commited the heinous crime of voting to remain or not bothering to vote at all, you would no longer get representation in parliament.

    Does being a snowflake remoaner, who has “personally stopped Brexit from happening”, and “disrespects democracy” beause the “WILL OF THE PEOPLE VOTED LEAVE! LEAVE! LEAVE!” Does that mean I am no longer worthy of any representation?

    No, I will not be “kind” (if I can be bothered) beause one of the mistakes of the “remain” argument was not pointing out the failings and obvious populist lies last time.
    HS2 – lots been said how negative and expensive it will be. Does it really affect the people of Harlow? Or is it just an easy target to act as a distraction?
    Foreign Aid – Aid for Foreigners. Bash this, it appeals to some latent sense of racism. Is it no wonder that hate crime has increased since the second referendum?

    While I’m here, durcant, I respect that you and others like tenpin have done much more than I have ever done for the public.

  11. durcant   August 16, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    I don’t disagree with any of the comments and I don’t defend his responses but at least your argument is about the policy and politics not about the person.
    I just worry that people are far to quick to openly attack the person and this does put off others from willing to stand for public office esp around local politics.
    Saying all that standing wanting to be an MP is very different to being a local councillor and therefore his briefing was shockingly bad, and he should have been better supported.
    It best not to watch it more than twice.

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