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Cricket / Tue 20th Aug 2019 at 11:12am

By Alan Howick

WHO would have expected cricket being played in Harlow over 240 years ago? Then there is a second chance to read the book about it!

Following the success of the first edition published in 2015, Alan Howick the President of Harlow Cricket Club has produced a second edition with some changes bringing in the changeover rom thec19th century into the 20th and also acknowledging the input certain members and families contributed during this late Victorian era.

The book basically records the progress of cricket in Harlow from 1761. Also following the history of our country, monarchs and the founding of Essex County Cricket Club and Harlow’s important part they played.

With firm records going back as far as 1774, when Harlow played an away game in Maldon, a very long way to travel today let alone being some 240 odd years ago! Before as well MCC, the club as probably one of the oldest in the region if not throughout southern and middle England.

“I ended up going into the office at something like 6 in the morning preparing drafts, this project became addictive, and I just couldn’t put it down. After every page I drafted automatically it lead me into another storey of both cricket and this community” said Alan “It certainly has been an enjoyable task” and now Alan, along with local design graphic specialist Martin Figg who also shares a similar passion for history and
cricket is putting together the basis of a follow up book currently
titled ‘45/85’ being a more modern history of the club from the
end of the second war and up to the sunny summer days of the 1980’s.

Anyone who would like a copy of ‘Cricket in Harlow – The first 139 years’ (2nd edition) contact Alan on [email protected] or send a cheque for £8 (payable to Harlow CC Vice Presidents Club)
C/o Gothic House, High Street, Old Harlow, Essex. CM17 0DN

All proceeds go to the Harlow CC Vice Presidents Club who raise funds and facilities for the Harlow CC ground and cricketing needs.

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