Harlow Council leader calls Tory chancellor’s spending pledges unrealistic

THE LEADER of Harlow Council has said he will scrutinise the fine details of the chancellor of the exchequer’s latest spending review.

Sajid Javid pledged the following for local authorities

• Javid says local councils will get £1.5bn for social care next year “to help stabilise the system”. A 2% council tax precept will be used to raise £500m.

• He says the overall departmental spending on local authorities will be the largest increase in local government spending power since 2010.

• Javid promises £54m of new funding to address homelessness and rough sleeping.

• There will be £241m next year from the new towns fund to help regenerate town centres’ high streets.

Harlow Council leader Mark Ingall said: “The devil is always in the detail” warned leader of the Labour Group of Councillors when speaking about the Government’s spending review, “yet again the promises of this government do not match the reality of their actions.

“The Chancellor today made an announcement related to the Spending Round for 2020/21, which included several announcements related to local government that suggested a reversal of austerity; if only that was true. Overall, after a decade of funding cuts to councils, it is welcome that there will be a small increase in government funding to councils next year of around £1.8bn, but this does not replace the £16bn in government funding (equivalent to 60p in every £1) that has been cut since 2010. Harlow alone has lost a cumulative total of £7.4 million.

Further, government figures show that half of the overall increased ‘spending power’ for local government actually is to come from assumed council tax and business rate rises – so directly from the pockets of our local taxpayers and businesses.

“As further detail emerge I will update residents, but let us all scrutinise the figures behind the headlines in the meantime.

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6 Responses to "Harlow Council leader calls Tory chancellor’s spending pledges unrealistic"

  1. TiredofFailedpolitcalnorms   September 6, 2019 at 5:58 am

    As usual ,rather than welcoming the additional funding the Labour leader accepts the increase through gritted teeth trying to make a cheap political point. What matters is what this council does with the funding , so just focus on that please. Perhaps you’re time would be better spent encouraging the prospective Labour candidate to actually speak to the constituents she purports to want to represent?? If Labour had provided a more viable opposition to the pathetic damp squib Corbyn and the momentum mob have offered the country may not be in mess its in and Boris and his cronies may not have been driving us to the abyss.. Stop making cheap political points and focus on what and effective opposition are supposed to be doing …. though it would seem all the sensible folk from Labd/Con are heading to the Lib Dems, let’s see if they can do a better job there I really really hope so , but not holding my breath.. then again difficult to see they could be any worse than what the country has been exposed to recently !!

  2. m ingall   September 6, 2019 at 12:49 pm

    Dear Tired of….

    I think you rather missed the point. I was quoted above saying of the increase, “it is welcome”, but the detail matters. Half of the increase is not an increase from the government, it is an increase the government expects Councils to find by putting up Council tax. Further, it is very unclear how much, if anything, will filter down to HARLOW after it is spent by County Councils like Essex on their existing commitments.

    Cllr M Ingall

  3. TiredofFailedpolitcalnorms   September 7, 2019 at 6:12 am

    Have you got more money or not? Fair to comment if not .. I rest my case if you have… But it’s petty and disingenuous to comment unless and until you do know .. More to the point YOU SHOULD KNOW. PS I think you have also missed the point regarding the absentee prospective Labour parliamentary candidate.. With an election looming it would perhaps be more interesting to hear what she has to say?

  4. MickyB77   September 7, 2019 at 6:20 am

    Say whatever, Mr Ingall will twist it around and around until he has convinced
    himself that whatever is offered, “it’s tainted”.
    A bit like Socialist politics really, anything from the Tories is taboo, so let’s
    denigrate and deride it in true Momentum fashion.
    Dodgy finances, ask the locals in Church Langley about how Ingall and
    his team have twisted and turned to try and account for the vanishing pounds.
    Same old Labour, bringing poverty to the masses.

  5. durcant   September 7, 2019 at 6:07 pm

    Yet again cheap nasty and pathetic comments get in the way of the truth.
    Every council blue red or yellow welcome any increase after years of cut backs.
    The truth is that whilst we have seen a small increase this in no way hides the straight facts that the government has cut deep into local services.
    Look at the impact on Tory run ECC.
    The critical point is that we have a Labour local council committed and dedicated to ensuring Harlow Is well managed and well supported.
    This council has a proven record of success and will fight hard and strong for the people that matter.
    Harlow matters.
    So take your cheap comments coming but only Labour can and will delivery for the many not the few.
    Locally and nationally.

  6. jhumphreys84   September 9, 2019 at 10:24 am

    Durcant, i agree with you that whatever the colour of the council this is good news and it shouldn’t be politicised to death. But, please don’t start a sentence stating that people aren’t telling the truth then offer the line that only Labour can deliver for the many not the few as if it is the truth. It completely undermines your argument. Firstly, Labour might not deliver. Secondly what about the Lib Dems, Green party and in other areas SNP and PC. They also have policies which would be considered delivering for the few. Also, Tories do have lower tax policies which help those on lower incomes.

    So please don’t argue against a cheap comments by offering one as equally cheap and not based on any fact…

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