Review: We’ve Only Just Begun-The Karen Carpenter Story

THERE is something inextricably sad about the death of Karen Carpenter at the age of 32 in 1983. All these yards later, it feels like the end point in any concert that focusses on her life and work.

With Elvis (who died aged 42) the life and music is often divided into three parts. With George Michael, you cam just get up and dance but with Karen Carpenter, there is sad ballad after sad ballad.

There, bet we have depressed you! However, this was a terrific concert and for so many reasons. Firstly, Toni Lee is a wonderful singer and her voice brings the music to life. Toni also has a wonderful backing band. Each artiste brings something to each song they perform in. The group also make a number of songs their own, whether it is soaring guitar solos, wonderful use of flute or just being such a tight outfit.

As Karen Carpenter made songs her own, such as Ticket To Ride and Desperado, so does Toni Lee. Even “Calling Occupants” felt like their own.

Toni seemed little concerned that the audience was a little quiet. Maybe it was but this was no personal slight. It was a mellow, reflective night and everyone went away knowing that the legacy of The Carpenters is in good hands.

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