Harlow’s newest secondary school praised by town’s MP during visit.

Harlow’s newest secondary school received praise from the town’s MP during a visit.

ROBERT Halfon MP, invited along with other parties in the town, spent a morning speaking to students at the brand-new Sir Frederick Gibberd College, which opened in September.

During his talk, he told Year 7 how an MP’s visit to his school sparked his interest in politics and that a visit to Parliament saw him vow to work there one day.

He answered questions from students who were curious to hear his views on Brexit, about his work as MP for Harlow and how Parliament works.

He was also introduced to the newly elected members of the school council who have been invited for a visit to the Houses of Parliament.

Mr Halfon showed his support for the school, which will open an academic sixth form in September 2021.

He said to students: “It is incredible to have this school in Harlow; it is pretty extraordinary.

“I have always wanted there to be a school and sixth form like this for our town.

“As long as you work hard, you are going to have amazing futures and careers ahead of you.

“This is a fantastic place to be; you have got an incredible school. The students within BMAT are brilliant; every time I visit, I feel inspired.”

Maryam Qayyum, Miley Shulton and Ibrahim Sanyang met with the MP and explained the meaning behind each of the badges displayed on their blazers, including school council and student of the week.

Maryam said: “It was nice to learn about our MP’s life and how hard it was for him at the start to overcome disability to achieve his goal.
“It shows if you dream something and work really hard you can achieve great things.”

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One Response to "Harlow’s newest secondary school praised by town’s MP during visit."

  1. Gary   October 25, 2019 at 8:02 am

    Another day, another photo shoot for Mr. Halfon. What our schools need is proper resources such as teachers, not a speech on jam tomorrow on stale bread.

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