Freshwaters Primary head says “Rediscover your hidden talents”

Burnt Mill Academy / Mon 30th Mar 2020 at 11:49am

ADULTS are being urged to rediscover their forgotten hobbies and hidden talents to share with their children during the Coronavirus shutdown.
Teachers at Freshwaters Primary Academy, in Harlow, are inspiring their pupils by spending time on their favourite pastimes – from sewing, to baking and pottery making.

Headteacher Jackie Diggle has rekindled her love of dressmaking, creating dresses for her granddaughter while spending more time at home.
She is keen for pupils to learn new life skills or to find a new hobby while away from school.

She said: “It is important for our children to keep learning, but we also want them to focus on keeping a positive attitude and trying to have some fun. We want to see them trying new things; it doesn’t have to be all about school-based learning.

“We are urging our teachers, parents and children to show off their skills. We want our adults to remember those hidden talents they may have put to the back of their minds as life is so busy with work and school.

“My daughter has been playing the piano, I have been making dresses and Year 6 teacher Robin Dalton has been collecting clay from the school allotment, has invested in a potter’s wheel and has been making pots! We will be encouraging our children and staff to bring in their creations when school reopens.

“It’s all about finding the positives where we can.”

Between two and 12 children of key worker parents have been attending Freshwaters each day during the school closure, with between three and eight members of staff.

They have been starting each day by taking part in the online exercise sessions with Joe Wicks, as well as enjoying dancing, making cakes, climbing trees and planting potatoes, beans and sunflowers in the school garden and allotment. They have also been completing art projects and focusing on PSHE (personal, social and health education) lessons.

For those pupils at home, work has been uploaded to the school website for them to complete, as well as suggestions for online theatre experiences and other free pastimes.

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