Harlow Council leader delivers hand sanitizers to hard working bin men and thanks all those on front line

Harlow Council / Mon 30th Mar 2020 pm31 03:36pm

Labour Leader delivers hand sanitizer to Harlow’s hard working bin men and thanks all those on the front line

ON Monday Councillor Mark Ingall, Leader of Harlow Council delivered a supply of hand sanitizer to Veolia, the company that empties Harlow’s bins.

Councillor Ingall said: “When I was alerted this morning by UNISON that hand sanitizer had not been sourced by Veolia, HTS stepped in and agreed to donate their stock. I was happy to deliver the supply at lunchtime today so that crews could use the sanitizer this afternoon, while Veolia wait for their own delivery. I was told by Veolia that since last week alcohol based cleansing wipes have been available in the cabs for the use of crews, but the sanitizer provides an additional layer of security and our bin crews need all the help they can get to stay safe during these difficult times and deliver this vital service for our town.

“In usual circumstances loader crews meet with the driver at the Mead Park depot and travel with the truck to the collection round. That many individuals in a cab does not allow for social distancing, so since last Monday, some loaders have been meeting up with the truck on the round itself avoiding the need for sharing the cab. At our insistence the regional manager for Veolia is attending the Harlow depot today to ensure this becomes the norm for all loader crews.

“Some bin crews have also asked for face masks. While Public Health England has suggested that the use of face masks does not reduce infection risk if social distancing procedures are adopted, I am pleased that Veolia confirmed they have ordered face masks for those crews that want to avail themselves of them. However we have been told that all face masks are currently being diverted to the EXCEL centre, and I am sure the crews will appreciate some delay with the delivery of face masks to Veolia is understandable.

“I am sure residents will be reassured that the Council and HTS are doing all we can to assist this private company in ensuring the safety of the refuse collectors who deliver a vital service for Harlow.

“I also want to thank and pay tribute to all our bin men in Harlow and every other worker in our vital services such as the NHS, social care and supermarkets. Whilst many in Harlow are following the Government guidance to remain indoors, they continue to go out and work hard for everyone in our community and we all owe a great debt of gratitude to them for continuing to do so.”

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