Please support crowdfunder to supply face shields for Princess Alexandra Hospital

A CROWDFUNDER has been set up in order to to raise funds to help finance face shields made by Harlow College.

The message from the crowdfunder website is as follows:

THERE is so much to do and seems like so little time. Every NHS worker in PAH needs a face shield. Every care home, care worker, local pharmacies, they all need protection. There will never be enough face shields for the people who need them however we must try as hard as possible to make this happen. More funds means more material means more face shields. So very important

Harlow College are doing an amazing job manufacturing face shields and giving them to Princess Alexandra Hospital for free however they are running on a low budget and relying on low cost or free materials. We can provide extra funding so they can manufacture many more face masks which will provide much greater protection to our fantastic NHS workers.

Please click on link below.

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