NHS worker looked after by daughter from Freshwaters Academy

THE YOUNG daughter of a frontline NHS worker is doing all she can to support her mum during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Kirsty Bramble is a healthcare assistant at Princess Alexandra Hospital, in Harlow.

She is working on the frontline, holding the hands of those suffering with Covid19 as they recover or lose their battle against the illness away from their loved ones.

Eleven-year-old daughter Emma-Leigh Batten, Year 6 pupil at Freshwaters Primary Academy, ensures her mum has a bubble bath, a hot drink and a meal to come home to after her tough shifts.

Mrs Bramble said: “I leave home at 7am and get home at 9pm. Some weeks, I do those shifts every other day for ten days.

“Emma-Leigh knows the risks my job entails at present. However, she remains strong and always lends a hand, making sure I have an amazing bubble bath complete with bath bombs when I get home from work, so I can bathe before coming into contact with her and the family. I have a cup of tea ready for me and lots of cuddles after. Even on my days off, she is offering to cook dinner.”

Emma-Leigh has also produced a piece of artwork to go on display at the hospital and is making headbands to help protect hospital workers’ ears from the protective masks they are having to wear.

Mrs Bramble said: “I’m so proud of Emma-Leigh. I could not ask for a more caring, kind and compassionate daughter. She has not asked for anything in return.

“Last year, I had a back injury and so she has been a young carer, helping to wash and dress me. She has always had that caring side to her.

“I have gone back to work to help with the Covid19 patients. I have spoken with Emma-Leigh about it as I know it affects her as she worries about me. She understands that if it gets to the point where I cannot guarantee my family’s safety, I will have to leave home for a while.

“She said she wanted to do something to help; she even asked if she could come to work with me. Instead, I said about the headbands as the PPE hurts our ears; when I get home, it still feels like I’m wearing the mask on my face.

“She is making a huge amount of difference to myself and my colleagues. They are so happy when I turn up with her headbands; I’ve even had people from other departments come looking for me as they have heard about what my daughter is doing for us.”

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