Harlow schoolboy gets daily insight into life in China in midst of Coronavirus pandemic.

A schoolboy from Harlow is getting a daily insight into life in China in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

EVERY day, Harry Seaman, Year 5 pupil at Little Parndon Primary Academy, links up with his uncle Tom who lives in Chongqing, China.

When he has completed his home learning from Little Parndon, Harry dials in to lessons with his uncle via Zoom, where he recaps the maths and English skills he has learnt in class.

Mr Seaman has taught primary aged children at Yew Chung International School of Chongqing for five years, having taught previously in South Ockendon in Essex and in Abu Dhabi.

He said: “This is giving Harry and I an opportunity to spend time together. I’m hoping the work we are doing together in English and maths will stand him in good stead for Year 6 as it looks like he may miss the rest of Year 5 due to the school closures.

“I have just returned to school after it being closed for 11 weeks. Life here is pretty much back to normal after a three to four-week strict lockdown. I live with my Chinese girlfriend and only one of us were allowed to leave once every three days to go to the supermarket. People have been wearing masks for the last three months and we have our temperature checked at every supermarket, entering buildings and getting on the metro. But now, apart from everyone wearing masks, life is back to normal.

“When it was bad in China, it wasn’t so tough as I had my partner and we got used to being stuck inside; I got fit and learnt to cook! It’s actually much harder now worrying about my mum, dad, nan and aunt, who are all over 60, and my brother – Harry’s dad – who is a paramedic.”

Harry said: “My uncle has been doing internet lessons with his students in China for more than two months.

“My uncle teaches me face to face using the app Zoom, so it feels like we are in the same room, even though he is thousands of miles away in China. I have enjoyed this experience so far and can’t wait to see what comes in future lessons online.

“I enjoy getting to see my uncle as I usually only see him once a year.”

Harry and his family have been supporting Mr Seaman’s English classes by creating videos of them reading out words to accompany spelling tests.

Harry said: “I like this as I feel I am helping others.

“It’s been great interacting with my uncle and helping his students. However, I can’t wait to get back to school and to see my friends and teachers again.”

Mum Kerrie said: “The work Harry is doing with his uncle all helps to keep his brain going and to stop him from getting bored. The schools could be closed for months and Harry is due to sit his SATs when he goes back, so it’s important to keep his brain occupied.” 

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