Covid-19: The number of deaths at PAH remain at 196 for the third day running

Health / Thu 7th May 2020 at 01:17pm

THE NUMBER of deaths reported to NHS England by Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) remains at 196.

That is an increase of zero on yesterday’s figure.

There are no recorded deaths for May 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.

According to NHS England, the following number of deaths have occurred on the following days:

Total: 196 deaths

On Wednesday May 6th: 0 deaths

On Tuesday May 5th: 0 deaths

On Monday May 4th: 0 deaths

On Sunday May 3rd: 0 deaths

On Saturday May 2nd: 1 death

On Friday May 1st: 2 deaths

On Thursday April 30th: 1 death

On Wednesday April 29th: 1 death

On Tuesday April 28th: 2 deaths

On Monday April 27th: 1 death

On Sunday April 26th: 1 death

On Saturday April 25th: 2 deaths

On Friday April 24th: 3 deaths

On Thursday April 23rd: 1 death

On Wednesday April 22nd: 3 deaths

On Tuesday April 21st: 0 deaths

On Monday April 20th: 4 deaths

On Sunday April 19th: 6 deaths

On Saturday April 18th: 4 deaths

On Friday April 17th: 8 deaths

On Thursday April 16th: 6 deaths

On Wednesday April 15th: 9 deaths

On Tuesday April 14th: 1 deaths

On Monday April 13th: 6 deaths

On Sunday April 12th: 8 deaths

On Saturday April 11th: 13 deaths

On Friday April 10th: 5 deaths

On Thursday April 9th: 8 deaths

On Wednesday April 8th: 6 deaths

On Tuesday April 7th: 12 deaths

On Monday April 6th: 8 deaths

On Sunday April 5th: 6 deaths

On Sat April 4th: 3 deaths

On Friday April 3rd: 7 death

On Thurs April 2nd: 8 deaths

On Wed April 1st: 6 deaths.

On Tues March 31st: 2 deaths

On Mon March 30th: 9 deaths

On Sun March 29th: 3 deaths

On Sat March 28th: 3 deaths

On Fri March 27th: 5 deaths

On Thurs March 26th: 3 deaths

On Wed March 25th: 3 deaths

On Mon March 23rd: 2 deaths

On Sun March 22nd: 3 deaths

On Sat March 21st: 4 deaths

On Fri March 20th: 1 death

On Wed March 18th: 1 death

Click onto our Covid-19 channel for testimony from people who have recovered.

Covid-19: The number of deaths at PAH remains at 183

Full details of recovery rates have yet to be released.

Nor have full details of deaths in care homes and in the community.

For your guidance, we have been told in the past that Harlow residents make up just over 40% of the client base of Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Please also note that according to the NHS England data, “data is likely to change”.

Our thoughts are with all families and friends who have suffered a loss.

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