Latton Green Primary Academy’s Year 6 pupils say farewell

Education: Primary / Fri 26th Jun 2020 at 07:59am

PUPILS AT Latton Green Primary Academy have made a special video in order to say farewell to staff, fellow pupils and parents at the end of a year that they may well never forget.

There is a song and there is a poem.

We are sure all these pupils will continue to make their mark in senior school.

Once again, thanks to Latton Primary and NET Academies for the video

Year 6 Leavers’ Video 2020

A time of plays and ice cream,
A time of trips and fun,
A time of water fights and laughter,
A time when SATS are done.

A time of playing at the park,
And a sleepover in the hall.
A time with popcorn and rounders,
A time to have a ball.

A time to joke and have a laugh,
And with Enterprise earn plenty,
A time to celebrate the end,
But not in 2020.

We stayed at home, we learned new skills,
We clapped outside at 8.
We used seesaw instead of class,
And sometimes stayed up late.

We spent time with our families,
With quizzes, fun and games,
We saw our friends on facetime and zoom,
But it just wasn’t the same.

Although the end for us is different,
One we never would have preferred
We’ve found a way to stay connected
Our voices will be heard.

From the comfort of our homes,
With every girl and boy,
We present our leavers song,
Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Here it is! Thank you to everyone who took their time to learn the song and make and send your video! 🙂 I hope you like it!

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