Young people from Harlow’s Livewire Theatre premiere their first original Screenplay

Entertainment / Thu 2nd Jul 2020 at 05:20pm

HARLOW charity Livewire prepare themselves for acclaim as they await the premiere of their full length feature film entitled “Lockdown”.

Funded by The Arts Council England, Livewire have spent the majority of lockdown creating an original piece of theatre that looks at the pandemic from the point of view of four young people.

“Have you ever felt totally alone? Have you ever felt that your future hangs in the balance? Like your dreams are slipping away? Have you ever felt overwhelmed and frightened? Lockdown takes a look at the effect the quarantine has had on young people’s mental health through four adolescent’s eyes.

What happens behind closed doors? What’s the fuss over Pasta, toilet rolls and hand gels? Do we really know what’s around the corner?”

Creative Director Sam Ashford commented “This was an amazing project to be a part of. We worked with over 50 young people for over a month going back and forth on online sessions writing, creating, playing, devising story lines, dance and music. The end result is a full length feature film with highs and lows, laughter and tears and characters that we can all relate to, We have all worked so hard on this project and I am incredibly proud of everyone who took part and I can’t wait for them all to see it! The only downside is that we can’t share that experience together, we can’t be in the same room watching for the first time. The “new normal” is tough but it will be an amazing feeling to know we are all watching at the same time this Friday”.

Chair of The Livewire Trust – Rebecca Bird said :The amazing thing about this Arts Council funded project is that it changes our charity forever. We now have the infrastructure, skills and talent to work in new digital ways that the future will need us to be fluent in. Not only was this project to work with young people but also for our leaders to develop themselves as artists, to be creative and throw themselves into their art. We want tutors and leaders who are inspired themselves and who are always looking to improve, that way we have the best people to lead our young people at Livewire”

A comment from a parent via Twitter read “Very proud of all involved in this. My young man is part of an amazing group of young people who have worked very hard, supported by some of the most passionate people in this town, to create this film” – Half Iron Man Jay.

You can watch ‘Lockdown’ this Friday at 7pm on YouTube by following the link below and if you would like more information on Livewire, how to join, what are they up to this summer? Then check their social media (LivewireTheatre) and drop them a message. All of Livewire’s workshops and events are free, Livewire believe the arts should be free to all young people-so go get involved!

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