Residents angry after night of mayhem outside Indian restaurant on Commonside Road

Update: YH can confirm that the first call to the police was at 1740 hrs.

Police attended at the location at 2030 hours.

RESIDENTS on Commonside Road were once again subject to a night of anti-social behaviour as a crowd of more than a hundred gathered outside an Indian restaurant.

According to residents the large crowd began to gather at just after 4pm on Saturday afternoon outside the Pink Spice Indian restaurant on Commonside Road.

By late evening, the car park, the road and the children’s playground was strewn with broken bottles and litter as the group grew bigger and nosier.

Residents reported people urinating in the streets as well as up against parked cars.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “We were called at around 8.05pm on Friday 31 July with reports of a large gathering in Commonside Road, Harlow.

We received reports that up to 100 people were gathering in a restaurant and there was concerns about anti-social behaviour.

Officer attended and engaged with the restaurant staff.

“There were no other reported incidents and the group dispersed when the restaurant closed”.

The next day, HTS went out and cleaned the park and the nearby streets.

YH has spoke to local Harlow councillors, who will be speaking the Head of Licensing at Harlow Council.

Many may contrast the strict Covid-19 regimes in pubs and restaurants across town with what residents witnessed on Commonside Road on Friday night.

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