Potter Street Academy and Purford Green Primary welcome their new families from September

Education: Primary / Fri 7th Aug 2020 at 07:42am

Potter Street Academy and Purford Green Primary welcome their new families from September

WITH schools opening to all pupils as normal from September after dealing with the challenges and disruption caused by the pandemic, Potter Street Academy and Purford Green Primary had to think creatively about how they could manage their transition arrangements for new pupils entering reception.

Under normal circumstances, the new children and their parents would have been invited to attend an activity day at the schools during the summer term. This would be so they could familiarise themselves with their teachers, classmates, classrooms and school routines, in readiness for September. Additionally, staff would have carried out a visit to each pupils’ home so that they could get to know them better. But this summer, to maintain everyone’s safety, every child was invited into school with one parent or carer for a socially distanced meeting with their new teacher. For those who couldn’t come into school, a telephone meeting was arranged, so all parents were given an opportunity to ask questions and address any concerns. The children were provided with a pack of fun activities to be completed over the summer holidays as a way to help them get ready for school-life.

Although it had not been possible to conduct tours around the schools, staff made a series of three videos to help families prepare for September. The first allowed pupils and parents to have a virtual tour around their school and see the pupils’ classrooms. The second video introduced the staff and welcomed the children and parents to the Potter Street and Purford Green families. And the final video provided useful practical information. New parents were also given access to the secure portal used by the schools. From here, they could contact their child’s teacher directly to ask any questions they have before the start of term. The portal also provided parents with access to video lessons that had been produced by staff for reception pupils during the lockdown period. It is hoped that all this will reassure parents that the schools will do all they can to help each child have a great experience at their new school.

Executive headteacher, Emma Bloomfield said: ‘Lockdown has impacted on our families in so many different ways. We wanted to make sure that families joining us didn’t miss out because of the current restrictions. We wanted everyone to know we’re pleased they’re joining us, as well as making them feel they’re already part of their school’s family’.

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