MP Robert Halfon pledges to investigate illegal gathering as police detail what jobs they did attend

Crime / Sun 23rd Aug 2020 at 01:55pm

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has pledged to investigate the circumstances surrounding an illegal gathering in a house in Harlow on Friday night.

As YH reported, over a hundred people packed into a three-bedroomed house in Nicholls Field.

Despite calls to 999 throughout the night with concerns over public order and concerns for elderly residents (one later reported that she was “shaking with fear” throughout the night), Essex Police declined to attend.

By Sunday afternoon, it appears that Essex Police have yet to make any contact with residents in order to hear their concerns or give them any reassurance.

With the government announcing that organisers of illegal gatherings could be fined up to £10,000, we asked Harlow MP Robert Halfon if he would establish whether Essex Police and the government were singing from the same hymn sheet?

Mr Halfon said: “I hope to speak to Police on Monday to find out what exactly occurred and why – and also ask for answers to the questions on behalf of Your Harlow Newspaper and residents. Clearly this should not have been allowed and is both against Covid regulations and laws on antisocial behaviour.

“I will also ask the police authorities and Council what plans there are to stop any other events like this one as they are both a health risk and a disruption to the lives of law abiding residents.

“Any resident who would like to contact me individually, please email and I will represent them directly to the Police Authorities or Police Commissioner.”

Essex Police have expanded on their reason for not attending the gathering.

A police spokesperson said: “Between midday on 21 August and 6am on 22 August, there were around 70 calls into us relating to incidents in the Harlow district.

“At around the time of the calls relating to Nicholls Field, officers had also been called to and/or were dealing with and investigating a
fight in the town centre, three separate assaults, and a missing
teenage girl.

“We prioritise all the calls we get based on the threat, harm and risk a particular incident poses to the public and prioritise those where
there is the greatest risk to their safety and wellbeing.

“The incident will be reviewed”.​

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1 Comment for MP Robert Halfon pledges to investigate illegal gathering as police detail what jobs they did attend:

2020-08-23 17:33:33

Birmingham police disrupted 70 parties last night. It sounds like Essex police were happy for the problem to be contained rather than deal with people acting illegally and potentially putting the wider community at risk because of the lack of distancing.However I’m sure our council tax bills will reflect the additional funding they always get. I’m sorry but this sends out the wrong message implying Essex police don’t have the resources to manage illegal activities in the town.

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