Petition to be submitted regarding waste collections in Katherines street

Communities / Fri 4th Sep 2020 am30 10:30am

A PETITION regarding waste collections at a street in Sumners is set to be discussed at a meeting of the Harlow cabinet on Thursday (Sept 10th).

Rejection of Proposal to Amend Waste Collection at Mercers

Petition from Mr Alldridge:

“We, the residents and signatories, reject your current proposal to amend the waste collection at Mercers, Harlow. Having given considerable time to review your letter, we feel your proposed is unsatisfactory based on the following reasons;

·         We understand the implementation costs are covered by Harlow Council, however, the costs for service and maintenance will increase our current service charges.

·         Increasing the number of waste collection points on the estate will attract vermin and raise environmental and health concerns.

·         Adding additional waste collection points will increase the number of areas that need to be swept, cleaned, washed and disinfected on a regular basis, which will result in additional service charge costs.

·         The position of the newly proposed bin stores is sporadic and unsightly. We are disturbed with the impact this will have on future house prices, this is unacceptable.

·         The location of the newly proposed waste collection is too close to people’s homes. It is unreasonable to have another person’s rubbish outside their homes. These bins smell vulgar and attract flies. This is alarming for all of us as Harlow Council has received numerous emails, regards to contamination and environmental dangers, covering maggots and fly’s in the past.

·         Your proposed solution does not resolve the issue where a small minority of residents choose to ‘dump’ items that can not be taken in waste collection. Therefore, we feel the proposal does not solve all the problems currently facing Mercers.

Our alternative solution is to recommend Harlow Council issue each resident, who lives on the ground floor, with a wheelie bin, as they have control and responsibility over their own waste. Residents who live on the top floors can continue to use the bin chutes. This will mean that considerably less waste will collate at the bin chutes due to less people using them. In turn, we feel, this will significantly reduce the impact around environmental dangers as mentioned above.

In addition, we feel our solution is vastly more cost effective as Harlow Council will not incur costs for constructing the proposed bin stores, as an alternative, spend significantly less on installing CCTV in order to determine who is ‘dumping’ items that can not be collected.”

The meeting will be held on Thursday September 10th at 7.30pm and can be viewed on Harlow Council’s YouTube channel.

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1 Comment for Petition to be submitted regarding waste collections in Katherines street:

Stuart James
2020-09-04 16:41:33

Mercers is in Katherines not Sumners!

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