Freshwaters Primary closed due to Covid-19 concerns

Education: Primary / Wed 9th Sep 2020 at 10:16am

A HARLOW primary school has taken precautionary measures and closed after a number of pupils displayed symptoms similar to those of Covid-19.

A spokesperson said: “

Freshwaters Primary Academy was closed yesterday due to a number of pupils displaying symptoms similar to those of COVID19.  We felt it prudent to take a cautious approach and have asked pupils and staff to remain at home, pending the results of testing; during this time we are undertaking a deep clean. 

As with all schools up and down the country, BMAT is following strict government guidelines and procedures and is prepared to respond quickly as and when there are suspected cases of Covid-19 in our schools. Pupils are working in bubbles, as advised, to enable as little disruption to whole school cohorts as possible.

Having worked remotely for the last six months, our teachers and families are easily able to switch from being taught in schools to learning from home via the technology and systems we have place in the event of a bubble or whole school closure due to a case of Covid-19.

As a Trust, we are doing everything in our power to protect the health of our children, staff and parents.  We look forward to welcoming all children back into school when we know it is safe to do so”.

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