HipHopPop offer solutions for diversifying PE lessons at our schools in face of covid limitations

Communities / Mon 19th Oct 2020 at 11:28am

AWARD-winning HipHopPop are trying to help schools deliver a diversified and engaging PE education in the face of COVID-19 limitations in a Covid-secure way.

They understand the importance, more now than ever before, of making sure that the young people of Harlow take part activities that look after their physical and mental health.

As many of us know, dance ticks the boxes for training all five components of physical fitness, and has many mental health benefits including, reducing stress and anxiety, improves memory and activates our brains natural reward centres making us feel great!

They are excited to announce one of three opportunities that they are offering primary schools at the moment; their streamable video courses,

There are 10 courses available in street dance styles including hip hop, house locking and more.

‘Hip Hop 1’ is the first and a fantastic introduction for young people to one of the most popular global street dance styles. Over a six lesson course students learn what street dance is, how hip-hop is a part of the street dance umbrella, how, where and who created hip hop, how to stand as a street dancer had to bounce and rock as a street dancer and of course how to perform popular moves well and even be able to create their own choreography with the steps that they’ve learnt.

At the end of the six week course, assuming the children have been trying their best throughout the sessions, they receive one of their in-house certificates to congratulate and physically identify their fantastic efforts.

Their ethos at hip-hop pop is always about celebrating and rewarding journeys and effort much more than just the outcome, so not only does this course keep our young people of Harlow active and keep them fit and well mentally and physically, they’ll be proud to receive a certificate for their efforts.

They would like to share with Harlow, and surrounding area educators, this opportunity their video courses have to offer, and if anyone is interested in finding out a little bit more about them please feel free to contact their schools coordinator Corinne. Her email address is [email protected] or read our article:https://www.hiphoppop.net/post/primary-school-dance-lesson-plans-for-teachers. It’s a very exciting opportunity that they cannot wait to share with headteachers, teachers, PE leaders and most importantly the students themselves.

Jenny Bater-Sinclair – Director said:  “It’s important more now than ever before that we look after the mental health of our young people in Harlow and surrounding areas, and we hope these video courses be a step in the right direction. The courses not only the video lessons themselves, but we are helping teachers save time by having lesson plans ready-made, with ready-to-use video, imager and, quizzes. There is a natural progression through our courses so if the children enjoy one course, the next one follows on seamlessly, and their learning journey and confidence building is progressive. I am incredibly excited for the students at the schools that are already using our courses”

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