Harlow Council detail change to services as lockdown looms

Health / Mon 2nd Nov 2020 at 10:15am

BRIAN Keane, Harlow Council’s Chief Executive, has issued the following statement this morning as the council starts to make its plans in response to the new national restrictions:

“In light of the national lockdown announcement by the Prime Minister we are reviewing the impact that restrictions will have on our services so we are ready for when they come into force on Thursday (5 November 2020).

“During this lockdown we will prioritise the services that are most important to our residents and businesses and those services that the government restrictions allow us to continue providing. We will also divert our resources to supporting residents and businesses and continuing to keep everyone safe.

”Residents will still be able to contact us over the phone and through our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter and access services online via our website www.harlow.gov.uk

“We will reopen our Community Hub shortly so we can support residents who need help, advice and reassurance at this time. Further information on the hub service will follow.

”Residents are urged to follow the new restrictions and stay at home where they can and only go out if it is essential. We must all continue doing the right thing for our town and also follow the hands, face and space advice.”

Full information on the new restrictions and what they mean for residents and businesses can be read at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/new-national-restrictions-from-5-november

Further information on the council’s service provision will be issued and updates will appear at www.harlow.gov.uk/coronavirus

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Janet Cullup
2020-11-03 11:12:29

How about my two great grandchildren living with thier mother and her partner with her three children. Sarah Wakefied , Smith, Price whatever name she chooses to use For court appearances and police records. Is a drug addict don't know about partner. Their father my grandson is not privy to her address. When she hands over the children at the traveller site in Harlow for a weekend with their father and his parents. Both her father and brother have been to prison twice for selling really heavy drugs. So what life is it going to be for a three and five year old for a whole four weeks of lockdown. She doesn't send them to school the five year old gets hers and her brothers breakfast. And says to any one she sees smoking my mum smokes drugs. Their life will be hell. My grandson is terrified that she will harm the children sooner than giving up her cash supply from him. Even run away with them to another travellers site. She is so volitial under the influence. I worry for my daughter my grandson because her father owns a shot gun and has a run in a gun fight, look at bullet holes in mobile homeand she has threatened to burn down their home. But has tried to kick in their door.

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