Police break up unlawful gathering at Pink Spice restaurant

Crime / Tue 3rd Nov 2020 at 09:58pm

Update: Statement from Essex Police

Officers attended the Pink Spice restaurant in Commonside Road, Harlow, at around 5.15pm on Tuesday 3 November, following reports of a large gathering taking place inside.

Approximately 80 to 100 people were found to be inside the restaurant and were believed to be celebrating a wedding.

Those inside were dispersed at around 9pm after negotiations with the approximately 50 to 80 remaining attendees to leave of their own accord were unsuccessful.

Enquiries in respect of Covid-19 legislation breaches are continuing today, Wednesday 4 November.

Harlow Council has told YH that they are in contact with Essex Police regarding this matter.


A LARGE police unit broke up an unlawful gathering at the Pink Spice restaurant in Harlow on Tuesday night.

Over a hundred members of the traveller community had gathered at the Commonside Road restaurant.

When a YH reporter arrived at 2030 hrs the car park had been sealed off by the police.

A number of officers were at the front of the restaurant, appearing to speak to party-goers within.

Most of the revellers were dressed up.

A large police contingent had parked up at the Co-Op car park nearby in Maunds Hatch.

YH counted over twenty police vehicles.

By 2100 hrs, over fifteen officers in riot gear, marched into the restaurant and broke up the gathering.

From what we could see, it was peaceful and no signs of public disorder.

Essex Police have told YH that no arrests were made but they will issue a more detailed statement.

More follows.

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2020-11-04 17:36:04

The Pink Spice should be closed down and all in attendance should be fined how are we ever going to get back to normal if people get away with these unlawful gatherings

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