High speeders caught during lockdown

Crime / Wed 11th Nov 2020 at 11:40am

DRIVERS caught doing “highly excessive” speeds while most people were staying home to save lives have been fined a total of more than £12,000, banned for a total of more than nine months, and given a total of 110 points.

Over the course of a number of hearings during October, 29 drivers all caught doing more than 20mph above the speed limit in April and May were brought before the court.

In total, £12,394 in fines were handed out, 289 days of disqualification (around nine and a half months), and 110 penalty points.

In September, 18 drivers received a total more than £11,000 in fines and 135 points in similar hearings.

Adam Pipe, Head of Roads Policing, said: “All those who have been dealt with last month were found to be doing highly excessive speeds.

“These speeds are unacceptable at the best of times but at a time when most people were staying home to save the NHS this type of driving is particularly selfish.

“It is really fortunate that none of those who’ve been dealt with were in a collision because it could realistically ended with someone being seriously injured or even killed.

“My officers will continue to be out around the county to ensure you’re safe on our roads, tackling people speeding and drink or drug driving.”

Top speeds on national speed limit roads:
135mph on A130 at Benfleet on 25 April
134mph on M11 at Harlow on 19 April
122mph on M11 at Epping on 9 May
120mph on A130 at Howe Green on 1 May

Top speeds on other roads:
83mph on Dartford Crossing on 5 April
78mph on A127 at Basildon on 9 April
76mph on Dartford Crossing on 11 April
71mph on Queensway, Southend on 7 April

Examples of excuses given:
Driver thought he was only travelling about 90mph
Driver stated he needed the toilet
Driver only a provisional licence holder

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