Over 200 Harlow children supported by Changing Lives

Entertainment / Tue 17th Nov 2020 at 11:06am

OVER 200 Harlow children were supported this summer by Changing Lives, Roots to Wellbeing programme, funded by money from the Essex Violence and Vulnerability Unit.

The Roots to Wellbeing sessions were designed to support young people struggling during the Coronavirus Pandemic by addressing issues around confidence, creativity, relaxation, worry and anxiety, and sleep problems.

Changing Lives was set up in 2018 to raise children’s awareness about the dangers of gangs and gang activity and prevent them from getting involved in anti-social behaviour and criminal activity by encouraging young people to play sport, try physical activity and get involved with social enterprise workshops.

Mind West Essex delivered summer workshops to children on how to become calm, controlling emotions through breathing and learning more about each other. The resources were uploaded on to YouTube and www.changinglivescommunityservices.com so they could be available to all who needed them during social distancing restrictions.

Roger Hirst, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner said: “It is still a very strange and troubling time and I’m encouraged by how many young people wanted to take positive action this summer to address their mental health needs and find ways to cope with strong and challenging emotions. This is exactly the type of work that the Violence and Vulnerability Unit wants to support; positive programmes for young people so they can take control of their lives for the better.”

David Simmons, Co-Director of Changing Lives Community Services said: “During this tough time it was very important to help the young people in Harlow, through sport related programmes as well helping young people with mental health, wellbeing and socialising. It was great to see the smiles on faces again! The coronavirus has hit us all very hard and we will continue to help the young people in Harlow and the surrounding areas.”

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