A busy term for pupils at The Downs Primary School

Education: Primary / Wed 18th Nov 2020 at 09:41am

A busy term for pupils at The Downs Primary School

THIS term, pupils at the Downs have been getting involved in numerous activities to encourage healthy lifestyles and develop their understanding of the world around them.

Although inter-school sporting competitions as we know them are on hold, pupils have been able to enjoy taking part in a country-wide athletics initiative called Virtual Sportshall Competition. Thanks to this, the children are continuing to develop a love of sport and are connecting and competing with those in other Harlow schools. Pupils have been having fun scoring points for the school by participating in vertical leap, speed bounce, standing long jump, ball chest push and 10x10m run. Pupils and staff are eagerly awaiting the results!

As part of pupils’ work on understanding the world, Remembrance Day was commemorated last week. Children learnt about the significance of the day, including what poppies symbolise, and created their own poppies to decorate the school in a fitting tribute and beautiful display. The whole school observed the two-minute silence and the children reflected on what they had learnt. Mason in Year 5 said, ‘It’s to remember those that sacrificed their lives for us’, and Theo, also Year 5 agreed, saying ‘The poppy shows respect, thanking those who fought for our country’. One poignant quote that really resonated with the pupils of Year 5 was, ‘They sacrificed their today for our tomorrow’.

And thinking ahead to the future and creating a better world, the school has been doing its part by re-using some of the massive amount of non-recyclable waste generated by the school community.

Year 6 teacher, Joe Cladingboel said: ‘We’ve been creating eco bricks by packing non-recyclable plastics into plastic bottles until they are full to capacity. Our intention is to then hold a design competition, where our students can design a project to raise awareness of environmental issues in our community. This could be in the form of furniture or sculpture, using these eco bricks as integral building blocks within the project. Hopefully, this will help our students and the wider community understand how we can all do our part to make our school a more environmentally friendly place to work and to learn.’

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