Schools told they will be ‘on call’ until Christmas eve for track and trace

Education: Primary / Thu 3rd Dec 2020 at 01:30pm

SCHOOLS will “effectively be on call” until Christmas eve to help with coronavirus contact tracing, a council has warned headteachers.

In a report in Schools Week, the Department for Education has said that schools will need to inform students and parents of how to contact them during the holidays “although it is not expected that this will have to extend longer than the first week after term ends when any new potential exposures will have ceased”.

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YH asked Harlow MP Robert Halfon, who is also the chair of the Education Committee in the House of Commons what he thought of this directive.

Mr Halfon said: “I give huge thanks to all those teachers and support staff in Harlow who have done everything possible to keep our children and young people learning during this national emergency.

I have long called for a national army of volunteers of retired teachers, Ofsted inspectors, and graduates to provide national education support, in the same way that the NHS had a volunteer army to help the most vulnerable.

“Given the commitment of Harlow teaching and support staff, they will do everything possible to help in this pandemic. Clearly, if this is outside normal working hours, I hope they will get some extra financial support, either from the Academy chain or from the Council”.

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