Little Parndon Primary pupils attendance praised

Education: Primary / Mon 4th Jan 2021 am31 07:23am

THE attendance of young children in school during the Covid-19 lockdown has been praised.

Pupils at Little Parndon Primary Academy, in Harlow, continue to attend lessons every day, despite a second wave of Coronavirus nationally.

Headteacher Mark Evans said constant communication between the school and parents is helping to reassure families.

He said: “Our attendance target is 97 per cent and we have been above that since returning in September. The national average is 94 per cent. 

“That is due to our really good communication systems and is a sign of how much trust our parents have in us to safeguard and look after their children during this pandemic.

“We are regularly telling parents what we are doing with regards our systems and precautions in terms of dealing with Covid-19.

“Rightly so, they are anxious about the situation, so we are doing all we can to reassure our parents. I have children myself going to school and I want to know they are being well looked after.

“It is incredibly important for children to come to school. Those who were not in school and did remote learning had been out of school from March until September. That is a huge percentage of the young ones’ lives. 

“I am delighted at the number of children coming into school regularly and that they are really happy.”

Since September, the school has put a focus on the wellbeing of children.

Mr Evans said: “We are talking to children about their experiences in lockdown and explaining to them that they are experiencing something unique as a generation. We are making sure they realise is a different world out there and what they need to do. Their wellbeing is being monitored.

“We have a wellbeing committee who I meet with regularly to discuss how they are feeling and to ask if there is anything else we can do for them to support them.”

The school invites pupils to write their concerns down and place them in a Worry Bag, so an adult can support them.

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