Little Parndon Primary praised for on-line learning

Education: Primary / Tue 12th Jan 2021 pm31 12:53pm

PARENTS have praised a primary school for its remote learning package for children, describing the provision as “wonderful”, “incredible” and “excellent”.

With national lockdown in place, schools have once again been instructed to partially close, with just vulnerable children and those with key worker parents allowed to continue to attend.

It means lessons are having to be delivered both in the classroom and to those children learning from home.

At Little Parndon Primary Academy, in Harlow, pupils in Year 1 to 6 are receiving English, phonics, maths and foundation subject lessons both at home and in school, while those in Reception are learning with pre-recorded lessons, fun activities and story time.

The school has also provided paper work packs to go with the lessons which have been set, to help parents to support learning at home.

Parents have heaped praise on the school from the first day –

Kirsten Pickett said: “Absolutely fab experience all round! So easy and the kids loved it! Well done, Little Parndon.”

Dr Afshan Javed said: “It was really a wonderful experience…kids loved it…home packs are so helpful….Well done.”

Teri Ames said: “I couldn’t be happier with how the first day went. The teachers have all done incredible. Feel very lucky to have the online learning.”

Natalie Wilsher said: “Excellent so far, which considering this is the first day is brilliant. Well done to all the staff for all their hard work. Not only is it helping the children, but it’s taken a mental load off of me, too, so thank you all so much.”

Danielle Aldridge said: “Thank you so much to you and all the teachers and staff. This morning is going great so far. My older two are enjoying interacting with their teacher and class. The home pack in Reception is organised brilliantly.”

Headteacher Mark Evans said: “I am really proud of the Little Parndon community. 

“Our teachers have worked so hard to produce great online learning and learning packs for our children. We are determined to provide our children with the best lessons we can and to keep them engaged and excited while working from home.

“The feedback we have received from the children has been amazing and we are delighted with their attendance and attitude to this new way of working. 

“Parents have been so supportive, too. We have a wonderful safeguarding and wellbeing team, so if any parent should be struggling, we have many different avenues they can turn to.”

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