Harlow Council leader announces 32 new council homes for town

News / Fri 22nd Jan 2021 at 10:24am

Council Leader Mark Ingall announces good news on affordable housing

AT Thursday’s Cabinet meeting, Labour leader, Councillor Mark Ingall announced that the Council had succeeded in purchasing 32 properties to add to the existing Council Housing stock, available for rent by Harlow residents on the Council housing waiting list.

Councillor Ingall said, “Housing is a basic need, but for too many people, the cost of housing is too high. I am pleased that under this Labour administration the Council has managed, thanks to sound financial management over a number of years, to put in place a programme of house buying and house building to provide long term secure tenancies at truly affordable Council house rents. Conservative Councillors repeatedly cast doubt on the Council’s ability to make these purchases in the time frame allowed, but we have shown them that an ambitious Labour led Council can deliver.

“In the last year the Council, together with its partners has now delivered 47 Council properties to rent and 70 properties at affordable rents.

“This is a pleasing first step in our aim to provide truly affordable, decent housing, on long term secure tenancies.

In addition a successful pilot has seen Harlow Council’s new HTS (Housing and Regeneration) Company, provide 2 homes to rent at Council house rents and 1 more at affordable rent.

In the coming two years we plan to purchase a further 13 homes on the open market to convert into Council houses and build an additional 82 Council homes. We will also be working closely with HTS to grow their programme of house purchases and really affordable rentals

“Its time that the exorbitant cost of putting a roof over your families head was challenged. We are committed to do all we can as a District Council to address this issue, but national, government led action in the form of a Council House building programme of the likes seen in the post war years is desperately needed.

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