Ashlyn resident Dawn makes a new pen pal

General / Sun 21st Feb 2021 at 08:13am

DAWN is a resident of Ashlyn Care Home in The Stow, Harlow and has been a part of the Excelcare family since 2018. She loves the Beatles and can regularly be found singing along to her favourite songs or painting pictures in her room.

Dawn grew up in Dagenham, Essex with her six brothers and sisters. She joined the army aged 18 and went to work as a secretary, a role which was based in Germany. She enjoyed this job, but also talks fondly of the time she spent in her family’s farmhouse and the memories she has with her brothers, sisters and parents. It’s lovely to hear all these wonderful stories, especially from her holidays to Norfolk and Scotland.

Throughout her time at Ashlyn Care Home, Dawn has stayed in touch with her brother Neil and keeps him up to date with what she’s been up to.

Before the pandemic, they used to make regular trips to the garden centre together to enjoy afternoon tea and a chat. However, with visitation to and from the home limited, this has, unfortunately, had to be put on pause.

So, when Katy recently wrote a letter to the home, the team thought it would be wonderful to connect her with Dawn so she could have a ‘Pen pal’ to stay in touch with. Dawn thought it was a wonderful idea and thoroughly enjoyed reading the letter from Katy and learning more about her. Dawn has since responded to the letter and we think this could be the start of a wonderful friendship.

As the pair exchange letters, we will share updates about how their relationship develops.

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