Help Ellis raise money for community-minded Harlow Rugby Club

Charity / Fri 26th Mar 2021 at 09:21am

ONE of the young members of Harlow Rugby Club is getting on his bike to help raise funds.

Ellis Hester has started a gofundme page.

Ellis said: “My name is Ellis. I have been part of Harlow Rugby for a fair few years now and am currently playing with the colts.

After hearing about the struggles Harlow Rugby Club have been having, I’m wanting to take action in trying to raise as much money as I can to support them for all the things they have done for me.

“Due to the global pandemic Harlow Rugby Club have been struggling to keep a float and found it hard to keep their pitches in the immaculate condition they have always been.

They’ve lived off the generous support of club members and sponsorships throughout the lockdown. However as we are narrowing down to the reopening of the club and us players are coming back to return, the club is finding it hard to pull together funding in giving us the best opportunity they can.

Therefore as a current player and memeber of Harlow Rugby Club I have decided that I will be riding up to 250km over the time span of 7 days on the week April 5th 2021 to hopefully raise £1000 for Harlow Rugby Club.

If I raise £0-£499 I will ride 200km 
If I raise £500-£999 I will ride 225km 
and if I ride £1000+ I will ride 250km


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