Outstanding new displays at Stewards Academy

Covid-19 / Fri 16th Apr 2021 at 01:51pm

WITH all students returning to Stewards Academy this week, staff decided it was time to give the corridors a spring clean.

As you can see from the photos, they have created an EMPV (Ethnic Minority Pupil Voice) display; a Remembrance display to remember the brave World War 2 heroes, who had such a connection to the school; and finally, a huge ‘2020 The Year the World Stood Still’ display – a tribute to how students rose to the challenge and produced such amazing work under such difficult circumstances.

Alec Laing, Senior Lead Practitioner, said: “We have spent a great deal of time enhancing our corridors with a new EMPV board, a Remembrance Board and an amazing ‘2020 The Year the World Stood Still’ board highlighting our achievements during this very difficult time.

“I would like to publicly thank Miss Lucas and Miss Trowsdale who have worked tirelessly to create these three outstanding displays. More work is underway to continue to enhance our traditional school site, celebrating both our rich history and tradition, together with recent success and current issues that are important to our pupils.”

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