Ward by Ward: Old Harlow: A changing world in many ways

General / Sun 18th Apr 2021 at 11:41am

IF THERE appears to be one constant regarding the ward of Old Harlow is that it is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

As it covers Newhall and down to Gilden Way, it is constantly changing.

One day, there may well be a new ward (that is, we understand in the hands of the government).

In the mean time it remans a Conservative stronghold.

Labour has had a few decent attempts. In 2019, they were 400 votes behind. That is still a long way behind. In 2016, the gap was 225. So you would imagine a gap of under 300 (or comparable percentage) will be seen as a moral victory.

The Labour candidate is George Elcock, who may well be campaigning all over the town as opposed to concentrating on Old Harlow.

However, there is also a candidate (Paul Lenihan) for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. They may well take the votes off disaffected Corbynites.

We went down to speak to Old Harlow Conservative, Mike Garnett, who has been a councillor for over twenty years.

Mike is also defending his seat as an Essex County Councillor for Harlow North.

We spoke to cllr Garnett about his ward, the changing nature of the area. We also spoke about his work on the planning committee.

We also spoke about the state of the roads in Harlow and his response to complaints about potholes but also about the nearby junction at Momples Road.

List of candidates

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