Letter to Editor: Concerns for Harlow businesses coming out of pandemic

General / Mon 19th Apr 2021 am30 11:43am

Dear Editor,

I AM deeply concerned for the local small businesses of Harlow recovering from this pandemic.

The Labour-run Harlow Council has mindfully neglected businesses when it comes to distributing the grants.

Central government gave them the allocation based on data of local businesses.

They have also revised the guidelines to explicitly explain this, and that an underspend should be avoided.

They have been asked to ensure all businesses get the grants at speed and all applications need to be revisited, yet they churn out the same responses and have not applied the new guidance to their assessment of the applications. 

They have been warned if they do not disperse these allocations by June 2020 they will not get given another allocation for businesses going forward. This is frightfully alarming, I am appalled.

Why are they mindfully neglecting businesses?

Why are they dragging our businesses and town down again?

What is there problem with wanting to build our town up? Support our community businesses?

It really is unbelievable they would want to purposely and mindfully see business fail and struggle when they have the discretion and the ability to ensure all local businesses are safeguarded and financially equipped to bounce back after this horrendous nightmare.

They are ignoring direct government instruction and the detriment of their own community.

They have caused mental well-being to be affected as a direct result of their mindful neglect. 

I will not be voting Labour for this reason.

Kind Regards

Danielle Brown 

Harlow business owner

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