Letter to Editor: Why isn’t Labour’s election coverage mentioning the Metro system?

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I HAVE been surprised to look at Labour Council election leaflets and find no mention whatsoever of this grand project. Harlow Metro, linking Gilston, Harlow and Epping. It was only on June 30 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that Harlow Labour Party this “Exciting New Public Transport System – Harlow Metro.”

It even included a video interview with Harlow Labour Councillor, Danny Purton extolling the merits of this wonderful solution to our transport problems. He repeatedly used the word ‘aspirational’ and closed his interview with the words, “We are nearly there…” . Let less than a year on there is no longer mention of this major project in any Labour election literature? What happened? Whither the Harlow Metro?

Back to planet Earth. The interview omitted to address a few minor points:

1. The budget for the project, which apparently was in the region of a mere £ 100 million. Where were these funds coming from? Again no information forthcoming.

2. Apparently, Harlow Council does not hold legal authority to undertake such a project, but no matter…

3. Just go ahead and hire external consultants. When asked by opposition councillors to inform the costs of the consultants, the Labour Council refused to divulge the information. Are public bodies entrusted with taxpayer no longer accountable? Apparently, Harlow Council is not.

As we approach the local elections, is it entirely surprising that this mega fantasy project and the cash already wasted on it has been brushed under the carpet, along with distribution of business support grants, regeneration of the town centre, etc, etc?

In the midst of a pandemic crisis, it takes a certain mindset to dream up Harlow Metro. Let’s make a change to the Council in these local elections. 

A Harlow Resident

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