Harlow-based GoGetters becomes UK’s first food delivery company to tackle food waste for #StopFoodWastageDay

Communities / Tue 27th Apr 2021 at 11:26am

HARLOW food delivery company GoGetters has partnered with global food wastage company ‘Too Good to Go’ to help combat food waste across Herts & Essex. The partnership announced today on Food Wastage Day will see GoGetters take on food wastage in the delivery industry, by offering customers huge discounts on food that would otherwise end up being thrown away.

GoGetters are now encouraging and working with their partnered restaurants across the local area, to assist them with shifting over to the ‘Too Good to Go’ platform, to minimise food wastage. ‘Too Good to Go’ is a global app which allows restaurants to upload items, meals & stock which would otherwise be thrown away, and allow customers to collect them at a huge discounted rate. This encourages stores to have less stock hit the bins, and more food hit hungry mouths!

Lee Nicolaou & Owen Barrow of GoGetters said: ‘We are extremely excited about this partnership, and really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for the market. Being in the food industry, we know the importance of minimising food waste and making sure we are all doing our part to offset our footprint. We work with many great local restaurants who we are thrilled to have on board, and seeing less food hit the bins is a rewarding thought. Being at the centre of food delivery and representing many different brands, we are proud to be taking this fight on, and look forward to this partnership growing’. 

The GoGetters team are working towards being able to deliver the discounted food too, and some of the local restaurants you can order from and have joined the partnership in Harlow are as follows: 

King Du Noodle Bar

Mui & Koko

Luigi’s Fish and Chips

Cafe Belle Vie

Cork and Skewer

Wings & Thingz

Love it Vegan


Garden of India

Villa Italia

& Many more to come!

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