Ward by ward: Church Langley: Two candidates committed to past, present and future

General / Fri 30th Apr 2021 at 05:11pm

THERE are two seats being fought in Church Langley after the death of much-loved former chair of Harlow Council, Tony Hall.

This is a traditionally Conservative minded ward and there is no reason why it should be any different.

Whoever represents the ward will acknowledge it is a busy patch. From planning application to parking, from anti-social behaviour to litter, there is always something going on in the village.

Simon Carter is defending his seat. A veteran of the local political scene, he is the man his party goes to for the detail. Labour may feel that he is somewhat pedantic but he would call it scrutiny.

He is joined by Nicola Purse, who is making the step from community activist and champion to local councillor.

You also get the feeling that should she win, she will also be taking her brand of tenaciousness into the council chamber.

In the red corner is Rhiannon Jenkins and Jake Shepherd.

One day, they both may well be councillors and it is great to see young people wanting to make a stand. We can have it both ways.

At the time of writing, Jake is defending his stance of Burnt Mill Academy teaching Cadets at BTEC level.

The young man (and a former Air Cadet) is not for turning while others suggest he may want to google “knowledge, wisdom and tomatoes”.

YH Prediction: Cons Hold

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