Stewards Academy: Mr Treamer receives Jack Petchey award

Education: Secondary / Sat 1st May 2021 at 10:28am

STEWARDS’ very own Mr R. Treamer received the Jack Petchey award this week for his contribution to Stewards Academy.

Mr Treamer joined Stewards in November 2010, initially as a teaching assistant; he also worked as a PE technician before completing his teacher training and has then worked in the PE, ICT and Religious Studies departments.

Last year, having previously worked with a pastoral focus, Mr Treamer became the head of Religious Studies. He has inspired pupils creating a real love of this subject which is reflected in its popularity as a choice at Key Stage 4.

Pupils describe him as an amazing teacher who makes learning fun and motivates with praise, ensuring pupils do their best and reach their full potential. Pupils are grateful for the fantastic resources he provides, stating that Mr Treamer goes the extra mile and makes sure that he caters for everyone.

GCSE results for RS have been fantastic and reflect pupils’ commitment to RS lessons taught by Mr Treamer. Mr Treamer is a bright and happy teacher who brings laughter and brightens up the day of both pupils he teaches and his colleagues. Pupils know that he is always there for them to listen and help wherever he can.

Mr Treamer is a very popular and valued form tutor. He is known for his academic encouragement and emotional support both for those he teaches and his tutees. He is a helpful and caring person who displays a phenomenal commitment to the life of Stewards.  

Mrs. Sherwood (Assistant Headteacher) said Mr Treamer is a passionate hardworking and inspiring teacher. It is an absolute pleasure to work alongside him and this award is recognition of the support and encouragement he provides to all pupils. He has gained excellent results from GCSE Religious Studies and the popularity of his subject shows how highly he is regarded.” 

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