Ward by Ward: Mark Hall: Could be closer than we think……..

General / Mon 3rd May 2021 at 06:44pm

THERE are some councillors who are full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. There are others who work quietly behind the scenes,. They do their casework, they lease with a number of bodies, they represent their residents, they turn up to meetings.

They just do the job for which they are paid an allowance for.

They may not make grand speeches or spearhead campaigns. They just do their job in the way that is comfortable for them.

Lanie Shears has been one such councillor. She doesn’t get the credit she deserves but probably doesn’t want it.

This will be a difficult few days for Lanie as her Mark Hall colleague, Danny Purton passed away at the weekend.

But she will be keen to win and make sure that the next few years is part of a legacy for Danny.

It is busy ward, From The Stow to Momples Road, there is always a challenge in this ward.

Having said all that……..

Back in 2014, UKIP had a hell of a night and won two seats. They soon lost them again but there is a non-Labour vote out there.

UKIP candidature Richard Holloway proved that in 2019. He took second place and so this may be fruitful ground in the future for Harlow Alliance or a form of Independent.

Last time out, the Conservative candidate polled 335 votes (23.2%). With the Tories much better organised this year, it will be interesting to see how many go for the blue rosette in Mark Hall.

The Conservative candidate is Matthew Saggers, who has, just like Lanie Shears, been beavering away.

The Lib Dem candidate is veteran campaigner and former councillor Lesley Rideout.

This could be closer than we think

YH Prediction: Labour Hold

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