Virtual school trips enhance pupil experience at The Downs

Education / Wed 5th May 2021 at 06:12am

LIKE many schools across the country, due to the pandemic, children have missed out on trips to help benefit their education.  At The Downs, children from Reception to Year 6 were able to access a virtual visit to enhance their experiences. 

Year 1 had the opportunity to virtually visit a farm where they were introduced to a variety of farm animals including goats, guinea pigs and sheep. The children were inquisitive to find out about the behaviour of these animals and were surprised to find out how mischievous they can be, especially the chickens!  

Year 2 classes enjoyed their visit to Yew Tree Farm. They saw guinea pigs, goats, the pony, pigs and the naughty farm cat. The children took part in a quiz and answered lots of questions.  

Year 3 had their virtual visit to The British Museum. The children had time to look at some artefacts and discuss their validity. They also discussed timelines and compared ancient Egyptian items to things we use today which are similar. 

Year 4 took part in a virtual visit to The Jorvik Centre, this was led by a Viking expert. She showed the children various artefacts to do with housing, food, clothing, farming and weapons. The children learnt how these items were used in everyday life as well as hearing some fun anecdotes about Viking social gatherings. 

Year 5 had a virtual zoo session; the children took a journey to the rainforest. They explored the different layers of the rainforest and the incredible variety of species that you can find there. They particularly liked seeing the skulls of some of these different animals. They looked at where the different rainforests are located across the world. While they may be incredible places, sadly rainforests are under threat. The children explored the causes of deforestation with a particular focus on South Asian rainforests and the impact of unsustainable palm oil production. Year 5 children should now know we can all help protect the rainforests and the species that live there. The children had lots of questions to ask the very knowledgeable guide! 

Year 6 attended a virtual talk from the educators at Chester Zoo about the adaptations of rainforest animals. During this talk, the children learned about some of the wildlife that live in this habitat, how they have adapted to survive there, and how environmental issues are affecting the survival of these species. 

The children at The Downs have all benefited from their virtual experiences but look forward to going out on an actual visit soon.  

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