Ward by Ward: Many challenges in Sumners and Kingsmoor

General / Wed 5th May 2021 at 11:34am

IN 2019, this was closer than was comfortable for the Conservatives. They won by 149 votes. Labour had a well intentioned but not particularly effective candidate and there was also the Harlow Alliance Party.

This year, we have the chairman of the Harlow Conservative party, Russell Perrin, defending his seat. In many ways, Russell has been one of the main architects of the Tory revival in Harlow.

Russell Perrin has been the shadow member for resources and has time and time again challenged the council on financial probit.

This year, he is challenged by Labour’s Aiden 0’Dell. Despite the limitations of campaigning during a pandemic, Aiden is a local man and, as you may see from his interview, has a good handle on the issue in his ward.

Thirdly, Alan Leverett is standing for the Harlow Alliance Party (HAP). Alan polled over 400 votes in 2019 and the issues he was standing on haven’t gone away. There is an interview with Alan over on our politic channel.

The Tories will want to extend they share of the vote here but it will be interesting to see how Labour do.

YH Prediction: Cons Hold

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