Stewards Academy students complete acclaimed Scholar’s Programme

Education: Secondary / Fri 7th May 2021 at 11:55am

STEWARDS Academy are pleased to announce that 12 of Year 9 pupils have successfully completed the highly acclaimed Scholar’s Programme organised by the Brilliant Club.

There were many changes this year due to the pandemic which meant that students involved were not able to attend launch or graduation events at universities. The pupils involved demonstrated resilience, hard work and excellent communication skills throughout the programme.

Pupils involved worked with a PhD tutor from University College London, Lizzie Evans, focusing on the role of professional women in progressive era USA. Despite delays and self-isolation, pupils managed to attend 6 tutorials hosted at Stewards Academy developing skills of note taking, source analysis and understanding how to present work in the style of a university dissertation.

Over the Christmas holidays, pupils have written 2000-word dissertations and received fantastic feedback. Last Tuesday, the pupils were invited to an online graduation event to celebrate their success and receive certificates. All pupils involved have really impressed Mrs Sherwood and Miss Rafferty with their determination, confidence and hard work.

Mrs. Sherwood (Assistant Headteacher) said: “It has been a delight to see KS3 pupils fight against all of the obstacles facing us in the current climate to show dedication and hard work. All 12 pupils showed excellent perseverance and organisation to cover challenging material looking at how the role of women changed and the obstacles they faced. We are extremely proud of their hard work.”  

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2021-06-26 12:02:28

I don’t agree with this “brilliant” club. Yes they may have written good essays or whatever but who decided who could do that? Did the teachers pick out the smartest students? Because if they did then they did a crap job at it. Loads of other pupils get 10x better grades than the “brilliant” kids. They’re not that brilliant. Do you understand how it makes other students who have worked for 10 years of school to achieve something great and outstanding like this just for mediocre people like these to get it instead of them? I know students who have written and published WHOLE NOVELS and not got into this club. They don’t care how much that can affect someone’s mental Health. It is corrupt and wrong on all levels.

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