Str-Eat community kitchen and food court set to open in Harvey Centre

Entertainment / Sat 15th May 2021 am31 07:54am

● Not for profit food court

● Free breakfasts provided to school children (and anyone in need)

● Redistribution of surplus food products through community organisations

● Providing a platform and support for local food entrepreneurs

● Supporting the younger generation through the Kickstarter program

A RETURN to normality is on the horizon, and we are all looking towards enjoying the company of our friends and families, and leaving the cooking to someone else for a change.

Based inside the Harvey Centre, the Str-Eat Community kitchen and Food Court is a Harlow based project supported by a renowned local environment charity – The Phoenix Resource Centre. The project launched in Late April 2021 and will be delivered in several stages, providing a much-needed boost to the local community and economy.

Stage one: Helping to Start the Day the Right Way

School children (and anyone in need) will be able to grab a free bowl of cereal and toast along with juice or a hot drink on their way into school. Project funding will be facilitated through the sale of lunchtime jacket potatoes, smoothies and hot drinks.

Stage Two: A Community of Food

Str-Eat will actively support, develop and provide a platform for members of the community to set-up their own food outlets within the Str- Eat space. This will be achieved by the provision of food produce, equipment, labour (e.g., Kickstarter schemes) and mentorship from supporters and participants with diverse experience. The long-term goal is to create a group of vendors who can

collaborate to build individual sustainable businesses together by selling their foods to the community that they are part of. To give back to that community, all vendors will ensure that any perishable surplus food is distributed to community projects that feed those that are in need.

Stage Three: Community Business Enhancement

Str-Eat will further its engagement with community projects by creating a micro economy of business that can support the growing needs of Harlow and its people. It will do this by working with, supporting, and integrating with local community organisations, suppliers and retailers to the benefit of all.

Thursday & Friday 7:30am – 9am and Saturday 8am – 9:30am

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