Appeal to rebuild Church Langley man’s animal business after devastating fire

Business / Sat 22nd May 2021 at 01:19pm

AN appeal has been made on behalf of a Church Langley man whose business has been devastated after a fire at Cammas Hall Farm in Hatfield Heath.

The GoFundMe page has been started by Christopher Archer.

Christopher said: “I am writing this short story on behalf of Gareth Williamson and his family. This is to try and raise some money after a tragic fire that destroyed so much. 

“For anyone who knows Gareth or has experienced any of his educational shows or parties, you will know just how much he cares for his animals. Over the last 5 years, Gareth has hand built some incredible enclosures for his animals and cares for them on a daily basis. Nothing is too much for them! 

At 1am, on the 20th May, the Essex Fire Brigade were called to a number of large barn fires at a farm in Hatfield Broad Oak. As some of you may know, this is where Gareth had built his facility for his animals. 

Although these enclosures were not built in any of the barns, the intense heat from the barn fire’s caught onto Gareth’s enclosures and engulfed them. 

As the fire was bought under control in the early hours of the morning, the sad and tragic news became apparent. 

A pile of ash was the only thing that was left behind. Although we can’t be sure if any of the animals escaped the fire, it is very likely that a number of Gareth’s amazing animals did not survive the blaze.  

“This news has had a massive impact on many of us who know Gareth, but this has had an even greater affect on Gareth and his family. In one night, they had so much taken away from them in one of the worst ways possible”.

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