The Weekly Covid-19 Report: Harlow down to 10 cases (and one death at PAH in May)

Health / Tue 25th May 2021 at 06:45am


WE began the year, with three separate reports every day. By early January, there was 1327 cases of Covid-19 in a single day.

By early March, as there were encouraging signs, we condensed it into one daily report.

The report covers UK figures; Princess Alexandra Hospital figures; the Local Authority table which gives Harlow’s position out of 315 local authorities, as well as rate per thousand and the number of cases. 

We also have a breakdown of eleven areas of Harlow. Finally, we have a table of the vaccination numbers for Harlow.

As things have improved further, we have now decided to do a weekly report only. This will be published on a Tuesday.

We have a dedicated Covid-19 channel which has over 1200 stories.



Princess Alexandra Hospital

There has been no further deaths registered at PAH in Harlow.

The number of deaths is now at 538.

There were two deaths in April.

There has been one death in May.

There were nine deaths in March.

There were 38 deaths in February.

That compares with 170 deaths in January.

Back on January 4th, there was 204 Covid in patients in over ten wards.


Local Authority Table

The number of cases is now 10.

This means there are 11.5 cases per 100,000. This is an decrease of 0% from seven days ago.

Harlow has been fluctuating between 5 and 20 since April 5th.

That is the lowest rate since September, 2020

This figure relates to May 19th and reported on May 24th.

Harlow is 160th of 315 local authorities.

A remarkable drop since the dark day of January 9th, when Harlow had 1327 cases and sat third out of 315 local authorities.


The Harlow Breakdown

No area in Harlow is registering cases.

We understand that zero actually means either 0, 1 or 2. That is why the total figure is for Harlow.


First Vaccinations

Under-40: 7,199

40-44: 4,759

45-49: 4,649

50-54: 5,394

55-59: 5,414

60-64: 4,610

65-69: 3,786

70-74: 3,294

75-79: 2,351

80+: 3,600

Total: 45,056

Second Vaccination

Under 40: 3,143

40-44: 1,109

45-49: 1,380

50-54: 1,773

55-59: 2,179

60-64: 2,374

65-69: 3,364

70-74: 3,158

75-79: 2,278

80+: 3,448

Total: 24,205

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